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TUSB2046BVF, USB интерфейс, HUB 4 порта, [LQFP-32]

Ном. номер: 2060322020
Артикул: TUSB2046BVF
Производитель: Texas Instruments
Фото 1/3 TUSB2046BVF, USB интерфейс, HUB 4 порта, [LQFP-32]
Фото 2/3 TUSB2046BVF, USB интерфейс, HUB 4 порта, [LQFP-32]Фото 3/3 TUSB2046BVF, USB интерфейс, HUB 4 порта, [LQFP-32]
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The TUSB2046BVF is a 4-port Full-Speed Universal Serial Bus Hub that provides one upstream port and four downstream ports in compliance with the Universal Serial Bus (USB) specification as a full-speed hub. Because this device is implemented with a digital state machine instead of a microcontroller, no firmware programming is required. Fully compliant USB transceivers are integrated into the ASIC for all upstream and downstream ports. The downstream ports support full-speed and low-speed devices by automatically setting the slew rate according to the speed of the device attached to the ports. The configuration of the BUSPWR pin selects either the bus-powered or the self-powered mode. The TUSB2046B provides the flexibility of using a 6 or a 48MHz clock. The logic level of the TSTMODE terminal controls the selection of the clock source.

• Integrated USB transceivers
• 3.3V Low power ASIC logic
• One upstream port and 4 downstream ports
• Two power source modes (self-powered mode, bus-powered mode)
• All downstream ports support full-speed and low-speed operations
• Power switching and over-current reporting is provided ganged or per port
• Supports suspend and resume operations
• Suspend status pin available for external logic power down
• 3-state EEPROM interface allows EEPROM sharing
• Push-pull outputs for PWRON eliminate the need for external pull-up resistors
• Noise filtering on OVRCUR provides immunity to voltage spikes
• Supports low EMI emission achieved by a 6MHz crystal input
• No special driver requirements
• Supports 6MHz operation through a crystal input or a 48MHz input clock
• Green product and no Sb/Br

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