TVP00RW-13-35SN(W52), Sq Flange Recep,22 Way,Sk

PartNumber: TVP00RW-13-35SN(W52)
Ном. номер: 8100460014
Производитель: Amphenol
TVP00RW-13-35SN(W52), Sq Flange Recep,22 Way,Sk
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Square Flange Receptacle

Receptacles with pin contacts will only mate with Plugs fitted with sockets contacts.
Receptacles with socket contacts will only mate with plugs fitted with pin contacts.

BS9522 F0039; BS9520 G0003; JN1034

MIL C 38999 Series 3

Amphenol D38999 (оливково-серый, с резьбой) Amphenol D38999 (Threaded Olive Drab)
High quality thread locking connectors that have been designed to exceed the requirements of MIL-DTL-38999, BS 9520 G0003 and JN1034. The connector shells are machined from aluminium alloy bar to ensure high strength. An olive drab zinc cobalt plating finish provides a resilient, durable and long lasting finish that meets the requirements of the EC Directive for cadmium free products, suited to applications where robust, high quality connectors are demanded. The crimp, rear release termination connectors are provided with either 'N' or 'A' orientated keyed inserts. To determine the keyed orientation of these connectors please refer to the character immediately preceding '(W52)' in the Manufacturers Part Number listed below. Crimp contacts are supplied with the connector shells. For suitable spin coupling backshells and spring clips see for example see stock no. 510-8367 range

Tooling Guide
Contact Size/TypeCrimping ToolTurret or positioner
20 Pin and Socket314-7584314-7590
22D Pin314-7607515-1096
22D Socket314-7607515-1103

ElectricalSize 22D contacts: Size 20 contacts:
Working voltage500Vdc or ac peak850Vdc or ac peak
Voltage Proof1300Vdc or ac peak1800 dc or ac peak
Current rating5A7.5A
Contact resistance5mΩ max5mΩ max
Insulation resistance5000MΩ min5000MΩ min
Shell MaterialAluminium alloyAluminium alloy
Shell finishOlive drab Cadmium PlateOlive drab Cadmium Plate
Contact materialGold plated copper alloyGold plated copper alloy
Wire conductor size0.14mm 2 - 0.34mm 2 0.25mm 2 - 0.5mm 2
Temperature range -55°C → 175°C-55°C → 175°C


Технические параметры

Род контакта
покрытие контактов
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
тип монтажа
Wall Mount
число контактов
размер оболочки
способ концевой заделки
номинальное напряжение
400 V ac, 550 V dc
Body Orientation
Shell Plating
Zinc Cobalt
Mating Type
Screw Coupling
Military Standard

Дополнительная информация

Tri Start Catalogue TVP00RW-13-35SN(W52)