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U/C GFE 2A 250V-P (05), Quick acting F LBC fuse

PartNumber: U/C GFE 2A 250V-P (05)
Ном. номер: 8005065638
Производитель: Conquer Electronics
U/C GFE 2A 250V-P (05), Quick acting F LBC fuse
Доступно на заказ более 80 шт. Отгрузка со склада в г.Москва 4-5 недель.
56 × = 560
Количество товаров должно быть кратно 10 шт.
от 100 шт. — 31 руб.
от 500 шт. — 22.10 руб.


Quick Acting (F) LBC - Glass Bodied, 5x20 Quick Acting (F) LBC - Glass Bodied, 5 x 20
Professional range of glass bodied fast blow fuses available in a variety of current ratings.Cooper Bussmann glass bodied fuses are ideal for protection of electrical circuits and consumer appliances.

Breaking capacity @ 250Vac:
35A or Fuse rating x10, whichever is the greater

RS, Professionally Approved Products, gives you professional quality parts across all product categories. Our range has been testified by engineers as giving comparable quality to that of the leading brands without paying a premium price.

Быстродействующие – стеклянный корпус

Технические параметры

Материал корпуса
номинальный ток
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
интервал рабочих температур
-55 → +125 °C
номинальное напряжение
250 V ac
Breaking Capacity at Maximum Voltage Rating
100 A
Fuse Speed

Дополнительная информация

Miniature Fuses Datasheet U/C GFE 2A 250V-P (05)