ULCD-43DT-PI, 4.3in LCD Display Pack, R

PartNumber: ULCD-43DT-PI
Ном. номер: 8017270727
Производитель: 4 D Systems
ULCD-43DT-PI, 4.3in LCD Display Pack, R
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LCD Displays for Raspberry Pi (DIABLO16 processor), 4D Systems
4D System's range of resistive touch LCD Displays for the Raspberry Pi come in 3 different sizes: 3.5 in ( 8417829 ), 4.3 in ( 8646869 ) and 7 in ( 8417831 ).

You can connect the Pi to program the LCD display for graphics, images, text, sound and logging data.

Key Features of the LCD Displays
∙DIABLO-16 4DGL graphics controller
∙4D Systems Workshop 4 IDE software
∙Variety of serial commands
∙Power supply comes directly from the Pi

How do I connect my Pi to the display?
Firstly, connect the 4D serial Pi adaptor to your Pi board. Finally, connect the 5-way jumper cable between the adaptor and the LCD display. It's that easy.

∙LCD display
∙4D serial Pi adaptor
∙150 mm 5-way female-to-female jumper cable
∙Quick start user guide

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