UMFT201XE-01, Макетная плата, USB - I2C, обнаружение зарядки, маленький модуль

PartNumber: UMFT201XE-01
Ном. номер: 8054129550
Производитель: Future Technology Devices
UMFT201XE-01, Макетная плата, USB - I2C, обнаружение зарядки, маленький модуль
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The UMFT201XE-01 is an USB to I²C Development Module with a 0.6-inch row pitch. It is suitable for FT201XQ USB interface bridging integrated circuit device. It is an interface with a battery charger detection feature, which can allow batteries to be charged with a higher current from a dedicated charger port (without the FT201X being enumerated). In addition, asynchronous and synchronous bit bang interface modes are available. The internally generated clock (6, 12 and 24MHz) can be brought out on one of the CBUS pins to be used to drive a microprocessor or external logic. It is designed to plug into a standard 0.6-inch wide 16-pin DIP socket.

• Single chip USB to I²C interface
• Entire USB protocol handled on the chip
• No USB specific firmware programming required
• Fully integrated 2048-byte multi-time-programmable (MTP) memory
• Fully integrated clock generation with no external crystal required
• 512-byte receive buffer and 512-byte transmit buffer
• Virtual COM Port and Direct drivers eliminate the requirement for USB driver development
• Configurable CBUS I/O pins
• Device supplied pre-programmed with unique USB serial number
• Supports bus powered, self powered and high-power bus powered USB configurations
• Integrated +33V level converter for USB I/O
• True 33V CMOS drive output and TTL input
• Configurable I/O pin output drive strength
• Integrated power-on-reset circuit
• Internal 33V/18V LDO regulators
• 8mA typical low operating current
• 125µA typical USB suspend current
• Low USB bandwidth consumption
• UHCI/OHCI/EHCI host controller compatible
• USB 2.0 full speed compatible

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Dev Board FT201XQ
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