USBTC118, OTG for Macbook, Nokia N

PartNumber: USBTC118
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USBTC118, OTG for Macbook, Nokia N
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Type C Male to Type A Female Adapters Type C Male to Type A Female Adaptors
From the trusted RS Pro brand, a range of USB A to USB C interface adapters. These interface adapters allow you to connect and integrate the latest hand held portable devices to existing products with a standard USB A connections. The USB C connector has a unique reversible feature enabling you to plug in to your portable device in any direction first time, every time. The USB C connector is compact in design and supports the USB versions 2.0 standard. The USB adapters are suitable for laptops, smartphones, tablets and MP3 players.

Type C USB Adapters Audio and Video Switches, New Japan Radio

Computing & Peripherals

Технические параметры

Разъем A тип соединителя
Тип разъема A
USB 3.0 A Type
Разъем A
USB 3.0 A Type Female
Разъем B тип соединителя
Тип разъема B
USB 3.1 C Type
Разъем B
USB 3.1 C Type Male

Дополнительная информация

USB 3.0 A Female to USB 3.1 C Male Drawing USBTC118