UT232R-500, USB to RS232 Adapter cabl

PartNumber: UT232R-500
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Производитель: FTDI
UT232R-500, USB to RS232 Adapter cabl
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USB to RS-232 Evaluation Cables, FTDI Chip
This range of USB to RS-232 evaluation cables, from FTDI Chip, can be used for testing the functionality of the FT232R device and drivers before integration into a design.

The UC232R "ChiPi" is the economy version of FTDI's USB to RS-232 converter cable range. It also serves as an evaluation cable for the FT232R. It utilises the minimum number of components required for a basic USB to RS-232 converter designed using the FT232RL. The UC232R-ne CHiPi is supplied without the white plastic enclosure which covers the electronics fitted. It is a CE and FCC approved product which is one of the simplest USB to RS-232 solutions. The UC232R-10 offers communication rates with RS-232 devices from 300 baud to 230k baud. A 10 cm USB cable is fitted.
The US232R-10, US232R-100, US232R-500 are FTDI's premium version USB to RS-232 evaluation cables. The electronics, including the FT232RQ chip are housed in a glossy white enclosure with blue, side-lit LED Tx and Rx traffic indicators. A matching white 10 cm (for US232R-10), or 1 m (for US232R-100), or 5 m (for US232R-500) USB cable uses gold plated USB and DB9 connectors. Complete with Microsoft WHQL certified VCP drivers for Windows XP, Apple Mac, and Linux. Using an enhanced RS-232 level converter, the USB to RS-232 evaluation cables can give communication rates from 300 baud to 1M baud.

· USB to RS232 Converter
· USB MP3 Player Interface
· USB Industrial Control
· USB Smart Card Readers
· USB Bar Code Readers
· USB Wireless Modems
· PDA to USB data transfer
· USB Audio and Low-Bandwidth Video data transfer
· USB Software/Hardware Encryption Dongles

Royalty free drivers are available from FTDI's website. http: //www.ftdichip.com

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USB to RS232 Adapter Cable

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USB to RS-232 converter cable datasheet