V990HDB0320012Z030, PVC foam seal 2sided tape

PartNumber: V990HDB0320012Z030
Ном. номер: 8090307540
Производитель: Saint-Gobain
V990HDB0320012Z030, PVC foam seal 2sided tape
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Medium Density PVC Foam Seal Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
Black, double sided adhesive, medium density foam seal designed with an aggressive adhesive to keep the sealant in place.

Effectively reduces sound transmission and seals out dust, water, wind and light
High tack adhesive requires no curing
Easy peel poly liner prevents stretching during installation and permits fast application
Excellent resistance to weather, oxidation and UV ensures a long seal life
Ideal for vibration damping, HVAC duct systems, glazing seals etc.

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Backing Material
PVC Foam

Дополнительная информация

Article contains SVHC Benzyl butyl phthalate - CAS number 85-68-7 V990HDB0320012Z030