VG95328Z2A20, Protective Cap - Plug Siz

PartNumber: VG95328Z2A20
Ном. номер: 8112553733
Производитель: Glenair
VG95328Z2A20, Protective Cap - Plug Siz
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Glenair VG95328 Protective Cap - Plug
Glenair VG95328 bayonet-lock plug cap provides adequate protection from the ingress of contaminates that would otherwise damage the connector contact surfaces, simply twist to lock into position. The chain and eyelet allows the cap to be secured to the mounting bolts of the panel mounted connector.

Aluminium alloy with olive drab passivation

Only Suitable for manufacturers part number allocations J to N and U, V and W only ( Part number reference example: VG95328Jxxxxx)

Glenair VG95328 Conforming Connectors
Glenair VG95328 connector series are based on the MIL-C-26482 series I standard and share the same shell dimensions, insert arrangements and electrical performance ratings. The 3 point bayonet coupling mechanisms ensures easy and positive mating with high resistance to shock and vibration. Ideally suited to military and commercial applications, medical equipment, factory robotics, etc. The Glenair VG95328 connector series are ideally suited for use in harsh applications where the EEC compliance directives for electromagnetic compatibility are required.


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VG95328 Z1-Z2 Protective Cap Data Sheet VG95328Z2A20