VNC2 DEBUG MODULE, Vinculum Debug Modul

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VNC2 DEBUG MODULE, Vinculum Debug Modul
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Vinculum VNC2 Debug Module
The VNC2 debug module is designed to provide connectivity between the Vinculum-II IDE development software and the debug interface pin on the FTDI Vinculum-II (VNC2) USB host controller device. The VNC2 debug module consists of a miniature board with a USB miniB connector, which provides USB connectivity to Vinculum-II IDE development tools running on a PC. The VNC2 debug module can be used to program and debug firmware running on the VNC2 device. The module connects to the VNC2 device via a 6-way, 2mm pitch, keyed, female connector. The V2DIPx-x, VNC2 based development modules are equipped with a compatible male connector to host the VNC2 debug module. Designers intending to use the module with their own VNC2 based hardware are required to have a similar compatible male connector on their hardware. Details on the debug interface and connectors are outlined in subsequent sections of this document.

One USB 'mini-B' type socket to connect with a PC
On-board FTDI FT232R which provides conversion from USB to serial interface for VNC2 debug port
Low USB bandwidth consumption
USB 2.0 Full Speed compatible
UHCI/OHCI/EHCI host controller compatible
+5V power output to V2DIP-x module (if needed)
USB powered
Programming and debugging for VNC2 IC designs
Power and traffic indicator LEDs
6-way keyed connector to support FTDI's range of V2DIPx-x development modules
-40 to +85℃ operating temperature range

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VNC2 Vinculum Debug Module

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