W3NH 6/2 BLACK, Dual wall, heatshrink W3N

PartNumber: W3NH 6/2 BLACK
Ном. номер: 8080525756
Производитель: Sumitomo
W3NH 6/2 BLACK, Dual wall, heatshrink W3N
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LSZH Adhesive Lined - Flame Retardant 3: 1
Flexible, heat shrinkable tubing designed to provide a permanent encapsulation for protection against moisture in a wide variety of applications. Specially formulated adhesive inner wall which melts when heated. High Shrink Ratio eases installation on transitions with large diameter gaps. Suitable for use in all smoke sensiitive areas such as pulic buildings, public transport, power plants, hospitala, airports and submarines. London underground spec. E1042-A6 in all its parts covering Flame temperature, Toxicity, and Smoke visibility.

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Flame Retardant

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Технические параметры

с клеевым покрытием
электрическая прочность диэлектрика
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
коэффициент усадки
3: 1
Shrunk Diameter
Sleeve Diameter
Sleeve Length
Sleeve Type
Heat Shrink

Дополнительная информация

Fully Flame Retardant, Zero Halogen, Low smoke, Adhesive lined, Heatshrink Data Sheet W3NH 6/2 BLACK