WT150-P132, Оптический датчик 10-200мм рег. PNP каб

Артикул: WT150-P132
Ном. номер: 997863704
Производитель: Silicon Logic
Фото 1/2 WT150-P132, Оптический датчик 10-200мм рег. PNP каб
Фото 2/2 WT150-P132, Оптический датчик 10-200мм рег. PNP каб
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The W150 series Photoelectric Switches which provide the system data and features of standard photoelectric switches without restrictions. The high scanning ranges are a special focal point. W150 devices are always the right choice when little space is available for equipment mounting. WT150 photoelectric proximity switch, energetic scanning distance 250mm (90% reflectance), for standard scanning jobs. With background suppression scanning distance 100mm, adjustable for reliable operation even with otherwise interfering background influences. The visible red light of the transmission LED simplifies handling additionally. Typical application fields Electronic components and printed circuit production, Packaging and graphic arts industries, Assembly and handling technologies, Special mechanical engineering tasks.

• Energetic photoelectric proximity switch for standard applications and simple contrast detection
• Adjustable switching point with sensitivity potentiometer
• 10 to 250mm Scanning distance
• 10 to 200mm Operating distance
• Potentiometer, 270° adjustment of operating distance
• LED Light source
• Red light type
• PNP open-collector, Q/NPN open-collector, Q switching output
• Cable, PVC, 2m, connector, M8, 4-pin connection type
• Light/dark-switching via L/D control cable switching mode
• 100mA Output current IA maximum

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Datasheet WT150-P132