ZSSC3123AA2, Формирователь сигналов, 2.3 В, 5.5 В, TSSOP, 14 вывод(-ов), -40 °C

PartNumber: ZSSC3123AA2
Ном. номер: 8092374021
Производитель: ZMDI
ZSSC3123AA2, Формирователь сигналов, 2.3 В, 5.5 В, TSSOP, 14 вывод(-ов), -40 °C
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The ZSSC3123AA2 is a CMOS Signal Conditioner for accurate capacitance-to-digital conversion and sensor-specific correction of capacitive sensor signals. Digital compensation of sensor offset, sensitivity and temperature drift is accomplished via an internal digital signal processor running a correction algorithm with calibration coefficients stored in a non-volatile EEPROM. The ZSSC3123 is configurable for capacitive sensors with capacitances up to 260pF and a sensitivity of 125aF/LSB to 1pF/LSB depending on resolution, speed and range settings. It is compatible with both single capacitive sensors (both terminals must be accessible) and differential capacitive sensors. Measured and corrected sensor values can be output as I²C™, SPI, PDM or alarms. The I²C™ interface can be used for a simple PC-controlled calibration procedure to program a set of calibration coefficients into an on-chip EEPROM.

• Digital compensation of 1st and 2nd order temperature gain and offset drift
• Internal temperature compensation reference (no external components)
• Programmable capacitance span and offset
• Layout customized for die-die bonding with sensor for high-density chip-on board assembly
• Minimized calibration costs - No laser trimming, one-pass calibration using a digital interface
• Wide capacitance range to support a broad portfolio of different sensor elements
• Excellent for low-power battery applications
• 260pF Maximum target input capacitance

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