ZXGD3004E6TA, ИС МОП-транзистора, низкой стороны, питание 0В-40В, 8А на выходе, SOT-23-6

PartNumber: ZXGD3004E6TA
Ном. номер: 8002546148
Производитель: Diodes Incorporated
ZXGD3004E6TA, ИС МОП-транзистора, низкой стороны, питание 0В-40В, 8А на выходе, SOT-23-6
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The ZXGD3004E6TA is a high-speed non-inverting single MOSFET Gate Driver IC capable of driving up to 8A into a MOSFET or IGBT gate capacitive load from supply voltages up to 40V. With typical propagation delay times down to ~1ns and rise/fall times down to 14ns this device ensures rapid switching of the power MOSFET or IGBT to minimize power losses and distortion in high current fast switching applications. It is inherently rugged to latch-up and shoot-through and its wide supply voltage range allows full enhancement to minimize on-losses of the power MOSFET or IGBT. Its low input voltage requirement and high current gain allows high current driving from low voltage controller ICs and the optimized pin-out SOT23-6 package with separate source and sink pins eases board layout, enabling reduced parasitic inductance and independent control of rise and fall slew rates.

• Fast switching emitter-follower configuration
• Low input current requirement
• 1.9A(source)/1.9A(sink) Output current from 10mA input
• Separate source and sink outputs for independent control of rise and fall time
• Optimized pin-out to ease board layout and minimize trace inductance
• No Latch Up
• No shoot through
• Near - zero quiescent and output leakage current

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