PartNumber: LM7321MA/NOPB
Ном. номер: 8246629538
Производитель: Texas Instruments
Фото 1/3 LM7321MA/NOPB
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The LM7321MA is a rail-to-rail input-output single channel high output current and unlimited capacitive load ±15V Operational Amplifier with wide operating voltages and high-output currents. The LM732 family is efficient, achieving 18V/µs slew rate and 20MHz unity gain bandwidth while requiring only 1mA of supply current per op-amp. The device is designed to drive unlimited capacitive loads without oscillations. All the parts of op-amp are tested at -40, 125 and 25°C with modern automatic test equipment. Greater than rail-to-rail input common-mode voltage range with 50dB of common-mode rejection across this wide voltage range, allows both high-side and low-side sensing. Most device parameters are insensitive to power supply voltage and this makes the parts easier to use where supply voltage may vary, this amplifier has true rail-to-rail output and can supply a respectable amount of current with minimal head-room from either rail (300mV) at low distortion (0.05% THD+Noise).

• Capacitive load tolerance unlimited
• Input common-mode voltage 0.3V beyond rails
• 15nV/√Hz Input voltage noise
• 1.3pA/√Hz Input current noise
• 1.1mA Supply current/channel
• Automotive grade product that is AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified

Микросхемы / Усилители и компараторы / Операционные усилители
Корпус: 8-SOIC, инфо: Операционный усилитель, 20 МГц

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Datasheet LM7321MA/NOPB

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