CD74HC299E, ИР24

PartNumber: CD74HC299E
Ном. номер: 8286315686
Производитель: Texas Instruments
Фото 1/2 CD74HC299E, ИР24
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The CD74HC299E is a 8-bit CMOS universal Shift Register with 3-state outputs. The register has four synchronous-operating modes controlled by the two select inputs as shown in the mode select (S0, S1) table. The mode select, the serial data (DS0, DS7) and the parallel data (I/O0 - I/O7) respond only to the low-to-high transition of the clock (CP) pulse. S0, S1 and data inputs must be one set-up time prior to the clock positive transition. The MR\ is an asynchronous active low input. When MR\ output is low, the register is cleared regardless of the status of all other inputs. The register can be expanded by cascading same units by tying the serial output (Q0) to the serial data (DS7) input of the preceding register and tying the serial output (Q7) to the serial data (DS0) input of the following register. Recirculating the (n x 8) bits is accomplished by tying the Q7 of the last stage to the DS0 of the first stage.

• Buffered inputs
• Four operating modes - Shift left, shift right, load and store
• Can be cascaded for N-bit word lengths
• Balanced propagation delay and transition times
• Significant power reduction compared to LSTTL logic ICs
• High noise immunity
• Direct LSTTL input logic compatibility
• CMOS Input compatibility
• 10 LSTTL Loads standard outputs
• 15 LSTTL Loads bus driver outputs

Микросхемы / Логические микросхемы / Микросхемы ТТЛ (серия 74)
Корпус: 20-PDIP, инфо: Логический элемент ТТЛ Универсальный 8-разрядный регистр сдвига КМОП кристалл, примечание: ИР24

Технические параметры

Through Hole
Package Height (mm)
5.08(Max) - 0.51(Min)
Package Length (mm)
Package Width (mm)
PCB changed
Standard Package Name
Supplier Package
Pin Count
Lead Shape
Through Hole

Техническая документация

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