PartNumber: HCPL-7510-300E
Ном. номер: 8293286749
Производитель: Broadcom Limited
Фото 1/2 HCPL-7510-300E
Фото 2/2 HCPL-7510-300E
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The HCPL-7510-300E is an isolated Linear Current Sensing IC designed for current sensing in low-power servo drive applications. In a typical implementation, motor current flows through an external resistor and the resulting analogue voltage drop are sensed by an isolation amplifier. An output voltage is created on the other side of an isolation amplifier optical isolation barrier. The 1-ended output voltage is proportional to the motor current. Since common-mode voltage swings of several hundred volts in tens of nanoseconds are common in modern switching inverter motor drives, an isolation amplifier was designed to ignore very high common-mode transient slew rates. The high CMR capability of the isolation amplifier provides the precision and stability needed to accurately monitor motor current in high noise motor control environments, providing for smoother control in various types of motor control applications.

• 60ppm/°C Gain drift vs. temperature
• 8µV/°C Input offset voltage vs. temperature
• Advanced sigma-delta A/D converter technology

Оптоэлектроника / Оптопары / Изолирующие усилители
Корпус: 8-DIP, инфо: Оптически изолированный усилитель 100кГц 16мА

Технические параметры

9.8 x 6.35 x 3.56mm
Maximum Operating Temperature
+85 °C
Maximum Voltage Gain
Minimum Operating Temperature
-40 °C
Number of Channels per Chip
Package Type
Pin Count
Power Supply Type
Typical Single Supply Voltage
4.5 → 5.5 V
Mounting Type
Surface Mount

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet HCPL-7510-300E
HCPL-7510 Isolated Linear Sensing IC Data Sheet

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