PartNumber: CD14538BE
Ном. номер: 8601166766
Производитель: Texas Instruments
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The CD14538BE is a dual precision mono-stable Multi-vibrator IC provides stable retriggerable/resettable one-shot operation for any fixed-voltage timing application. An external resistor (RX) and an external capacitor (CX) control the timing and accuracy for the circuit. Adjustment of RX and CX provides a wide range of output pulse widths from the Q and Q/ terminals. The time delay from trigger input to output transition (trigger propagation delay) and the time delay from reset input to output transition (reset propagation delay) are independent of RX and CX. Precision control of output pulse widths is achieved through linear CMOS techniques.

• Retriggerable/Resettable Capability
• Trigger and Reset Propagation Delays Independent of RX and CX
• Triggering from Leading or Trailing Edge
• Q and Q/ Buffered Outputs Available
• Separate Resets
• Replaces CD4538B Type
• Wide Range of Output-pulse Widths
• Schmitt-trigger Input Allows Unlimited Rise and Fall Times On +TR and -TR Inputs
• 100% Tested for Maximum Quiescent Current at 20V
• Maximum Input Current of 1µA at 18V Over Full Package-temperature Range, 100nA at 18V and 25°C
• 1V at VDD-5V, 2V at VDD-10V, 2.5V at VDD-15V Noise Margin (Full Package-temperature Range)
• 5, 10 and 15V Parametric Ratings
• Standardized, Symmetrical Output Characteristics

Микросхемы / Логические микросхемы / Микросхемы КМОП (серия 40)
Корпус: DIP16, инфо: Логический элемент КМОП прецизионный моностабильный мультивибратор

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