PartNumber: MAX3232CSE+T
Ном. номер: 8627934085
Производитель: Maxim Semiconductor
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The MAX3232CSE+T is a low power true RS232 transceiver in 16 pin NSOIC package. This transceiver has low dropout transmitter output stage enabling true RS232 performance from 3V to 5.5V supply with dual charge pump. The device requires only four small 0.1µF external charge pump capacitors. The MAX3232 device operates at data rate of 235Kbps and maintains RS232 output levels. It is pin, package and functionally compatible with industry standard MAX232 device.

• Supply voltage range from 3V to 5.5V
• Operating temperature range from 0°C to 70°C
• VCC power supply current of 0.3mA
• Transmitter skew of 300ns and receiver skew of 300ns
• Maximum transition region slew rate is 30V/µs (CL = 150pF to 1000pF)
• Two RS232 drivers and two RS232 receivers

Микросхемы / Интерфейсы / Драйверы, ресиверы, трансиверы
Корпус: SO16, инфо: RS-232 трансивер 120кБит/сек Uпит=+3...+5.5V 0.3mA 2Dr/2Re 0...+70C

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3.0V to 5.5V, Low-Power, up to 1Mbps, True RS-232 Transceivers Using Four 0.1μF External Capacitors MAX3232CSE+T
Datasheet MAX3232CSE+T
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