IRF6215PBF,Pкан -150В -13А TO220AB

PartNumber: IRF6215PBF
Ном. номер: 8748221174
Производитель: Infineon Technologies
Фото 1/3 IRF6215PBF,Pкан -150В -13А TO220AB
Фото 2/3 IRF6215PBF,Pкан -150В -13А TO220ABФото 3/3 IRF6215PBF,Pкан -150В -13А TO220AB
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P-Channel Power MOSFET over 8A, International Rectifier
International Rectifier's range of discrete HEXFET® power MOSFETs includes P-channel devices in surface mount and leaded packages and form factors that can address almost any board layout and thermal design challenge. Across the range benchmark on resistance drives down conduction losses, allowing designers to deliver optimum system efficiency.

MOSFET Transistors, International Rectifier
International Rectifier's comprehensive portfolio of rugged single- and dual- N-channel and P-channel devices offers fast switching speeds and addresses a wide variety of power requirements in applications ranging from AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies to audio and consumer electronics and from motor control to lighting and home appliances.

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Datasheet IRF6215PBF
IRF6215PBF Data Sheet IRF6215PBF
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