PartNumber: PIC16F627A-I/P
Ном. номер: 8760016765
Производитель: Microchip
Фото 1/2 PIC16F627A-I/P
Фото 2/2 PIC16F627A-I/P
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The PIC16F627A-I/P is a 8-bit fully-static Flash-based CMOS Microcontroller. The PIC16F627A features 4MHz internal oscillator, 128 bytes of EEPROM data memory, a capture/compare/PWM, USART, 2 comparators and a programmable voltage reference. The PIC16F627A have enhanced core features, an eight-level deep stack and multiple internal and external interrupt sources. The separate instruction and data buses of the Harvard architecture allow a 14-bit wide instruction word with the separate 8-bit wide data. The two-stage instruction pipeline allows all instructions to execute in a single cycle, except for program branches (which require two cycles). A total of 35 instructions (reduced instruction set) are available, complemented by a large register set. The PIC16F627A device have integrated features to reduce external components, enhancing system reliability and reducing power consumption. The PIC16F62X series fits in applications ranging from battery chargers to low power remote sensors.

• Low voltage programming
• Low speed clock mode
• 4MHz Internal oscillator
• On-chip voltage reference
• Power-saving sleep mode
• Programmable weak pull-ups on port-B
• Multiplexed master clear/input-pin
• Watchdog timer with independent oscillator for reliable operation
• Low-voltage programming
• In-Circuit Serial Programming™ (via two pins)
• Programmable code protection
• Brown-out reset and power-on reset
• Power-up timer and oscillator start-up timer
• Industrial and extended temperature range

Микросхемы / Микроконтроллеры / Микроконтроллеры Microchip
Корпус: SDIP18, инфо: PIC 1024 x 14 - PROM/224-RAM 16I/O 3-Timer + 2-Comparators + Watchdog 10-Bits-PWM ICSP

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Datasheet PIC16F627A-I/P
Datasheet PIC16F627A-I/P