PartNumber: INA125UA
Ном. номер: 8810609740
Производитель: Texas Instruments
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The INA125UA is a low power high accuracy Instrumentation Amplifier with a precision voltage reference. It provides complete bridge excitation and precision differential-input amplification on a single integrated circuit. A single external resistor sets any gain from 4 to 10000. The INA125 is laser-trimmed for low offset voltage 250µV, low offset drift 2µV/°C and high common-mode rejection (100dB at G=100). It operates on dual ±1.35 to ±18V supplies. The voltage reference is externally adjustable with pin selectable voltage, allowing use with a variety of transducers. The reference voltage is accurate to ±0.5% maximum with ±35ppm/°C maximum drift. Sleep mode allows shutdown and duty cycle operation to save power.

• 20nA Maximum input bias current
• ±2µV/°C Low offset drift
• Inputs protected to ±40V
• 460µA Low quiescent current
• 38nV/√Hz at f=1kHz Low noise
• Sleep mode
• Green product and no Sb/Br

Микросхемы / Усилители и компараторы / Инструментальные усилители
Корпус: SO16, инфо: IC OPAMP INSTR 150KHZ 16SOIC

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Datasheet INA125UA
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