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C10G0-5, вставка плавкая 10,3х38 мм 0,5A 500В gG 120кА

Ном. номер: 9000347932
PartNumber: C10G0-5
Производитель: Cooper Bussmann
C10G0-5, вставка плавкая 10,3х38 мм 0,5A 500В gG 120кА
330 руб.
33 шт. со склада г.Москва,
срок 2-3 недели
от 3 шт. — 210 руб.
от 21 шт. — 163 руб.
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Цена Наличие Кратность Минимум Количество
140 руб. 8 дней, 850 шт. 10 шт. 10 шт.
от 100 шт. — 110 руб.
от 200 шт. — 97 руб.
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IEC Cylindrical Fuses
Our range of products is available for domestic applications. These ceramic fuses are also available with an optional visual indicator. Fuse links comply with IEC60269-1, 60269-3, 60269-3-1 and also meet the requirements of NF and UNE standards.<BR/><BR/><B>What material are these made from?</B><BR/><BR/>All series of cylindrical fuse links have ceramic bodies and silverplated copper end caps.<BR/><BR/><B>Why choose ceramic cartridge fuse?</B><BR/><BR/>Ceramic and glass cartridge fuses have similar properties. The capacity of a ceramic cartridge fuse is higher than other fuses, which means that ceramic fuses can be used in circuits that have a higher current. They are perfect for protecting against overheating.<BR/><BR/><B>What size is it?</B><BR/><BR/>Sizes 8 x 32 mm, 10x38 mm, 14x51 mm & 22x58 mm in both Class gL-gG and aM are also available with a built-in striker for micro-switch operation and remote indication. Class gL-gG and aM fuse links are intended for industrial applications. All industrial fuse links are available with an operated visible fuse indicator. <BR/><BR/><B>What voltage is it?</B><BR/><BR/>This range of cylindrical fuses links is available in a wide selection of physical sizes and current ratings for applications where the system voltage is 400, 500 and 690 Volts AC.

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