140717-2, Quick Disconnect Terminal 18-22AWG Brass RCP 16.1mm Tin Reel

PartNumber: 140717-2
Ном. номер: 8000145881
Производитель: TE Connectivity (Tyco)
140717-2, Quick Disconnect Terminal 18-22AWG Brass RCP 16.1mm Tin Reel
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TE Connectivity FASTON 110 Series Crimp Receptacles
FASTON 110 series quick connect crimp receptacle terminals that offer speed of application and uniform reliability. Experience over widespread segments of industry has proved this crimp to be the most effective way of assuring stable electrical and mechanical performance. These FASTON 110 receptacle terminals have a step down insulation support barrel to compensate for insulation thickness. Tapering walls at the rear of these FASTON 110 receptacles prevent over insertion of shoulderless tabs. Each FASTON terminal has precisely controlled crimping specifications which allow all connections to perform as specified. To achieve the optimum combination of mechanical strength and electrical conductivity use match-mated application crimp tooling which can be purchased separately. The "F" style crimp terminations offer precise tensile strength and conductivity that lasts the life of the circuit. This method of termination also offers maximum resistance to vibration and corrosion.

Технические параметры

Тип соединителя
Материал контактов
TE Connectivity
Тип разъема
Быстроразъемная клемма
Покрытие контактов
Maximum Wire Size AWG
18AWG (американский проволочный калибр)
Maximum Wire Size mm²
CAD Drawing
3D-модель CAD
Minimum Wire Size AWG
22AWG (американский проволочный калибр)
Minimum Wire Size mm²
Размер наконечника
2.79 x 0.51мм

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