ZXTN25100DFHTA, Trans GP BJT NPN 100V 2.5A 1810mW Automotive 3-Pin SOT-23 T/R

PartNumber: ZXTN25100DFHTA
Ном. номер: 8000165758
Производитель: Diodes Incorporated
18.70 руб.
Доступно на заказ 135000 шт.
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от 12000 шт. — 18 руб.
Кратность заказа 3000 шт.
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52 руб. 3540 шт. 2-3 недели 5 шт. 5 шт.
от 25 шт. — 49 руб.
от 100 шт. — 30 руб.
55 руб. 2447 шт. 3-4 недели 1 шт. 2 шт.
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The ZXTN25100DFHTA is a NPN medium power Bipolar Transistor with advanced process capability. The device package design has been used to maximise the power handling and performance of small outline transistor. The compact size and ratings of this device make it ideally suited to applications where space is at a premium.

• High power dissipation SOT23 package
• High gain
• Low saturation voltage
• 180V Forward blocking voltage
• 6V Reverse blocking voltage
• -55 to 150°C Operating temperature range

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