1-178129-6, DYNAMIC 3200 REC HSG 6P (DBL)

PartNumber: 1-178129-6
Ном. номер: 8000245745
Производитель: TE Connectivity (Tyco)
1-178129-6, DYNAMIC 3200 REC HSG 6P (DBL)
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TE Connectivity DYNAMIC D-3200S and D-3200M 5.08 mm High-Voltage Tab and Receptacle Housings
Dynamic D-3200 series tab and receptacle connector housings with a compact, vibration resistant design, a high-voltage capacity. The D-3200S versions have a standard single row configuration and the D-3200M have a modular dual row configuration. These D-3200 connector housings feature locking lances to secure the contacts into place and to prevent damage to them during mating. An audible click is produced to indicate that the contact is fully secured in the housing. These D-3200 crimp housings feature keying which prevents mismating and ribs that prevent movement or twisting between the housings when mated. Locking levers on either side of the cable mount housings provide a secure mating connection with an audible click as positive mating assurance. A fitting confirmation line on the housing provides additional visual confirmation. Crimp receptacle and tab contacts for these Dynamic D-3200 connector housings must be purchased separately

For D-3000 Series Contacts see stock number 680-0988 typically
For mating D-3200 Series Headers see stock number 706-8047 typical.

Технические параметры

Тип соединителя
TE Connectivity
Для использования с
Wire-to-Board Connector
Материал корпуса
Dynamic 3000
Тип монтажа
Монтаж на кабель
Количество контактов
Количество рядов
Ориентация корпуса

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