CN14237_WINNIE-M, Round Optical Lens White PMMA Screw Box

PartNumber: CN14237_WINNIE-M
Ном. номер: 8000260622
Производитель: Ledil
CN14237_WINNIE-M, Round Optical Lens White PMMA Screw Box
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LEDiL WINNIE Series LED Lenses
The WINNIE series from LEDiL are a family of round LED lenses designed for use with COB LEDs with a LES of up to 21 mm. They have a unique flat folded TIR design. They have a standard MR16 size which makes then ideal for a variety of retrofit designs. Suitable applications for the WINNIE lenses include track lighting, downlights and indoor/outdoor spotlights.
Made using an optical grade PMMA, the WINNIE lenses offer a high UV and temperature resistance. They have a hyper-reflective white PC holder.
WINNIE lenses have been designed and optimised for use with a variety of LEDs. Due to the rapidly changing nature of LED products customers are strongly advised to consult the latest manufacturer data for compatible LEDs.

The viewing angle produced (the full angle measured at the half peak luminous intensity value) will vary depending on the chip size, colour and position of the LED.

Технические параметры

Прозрачный или диффузионный
Метод крепления
49.8 (Dia.) x 19.3мм
Угол обзора
27 °
Для использования с
Citizen CLL01x, Citizen CLL02x/CLU024, Citizen CLL03x/CLU034, Citizen CLU700/710/720, Cree CXA/B 13xx, Cree CXA/B 15xx, Cree CXA1816, Cree CXA1820, Cree CXA1850, Cree CXB1816, Cree CXB1820, Lumileds LUXEON CoB 105, Lumileds LUXEON CoB 107, Lumileds LUXEON CoB 109, Lumileds LUXEON CoB 1202, Lumileds LUXEON CoB 1202s, Lumileds LUXEON CoB 1203, OSRAM DURIS S10, OSRAM SOLERIQ P13, OSRAM SOLERIQ P6, OSRAM SOLERIQ P9, OSRAM SOLERIQ S13, OSRAM SOLERIQ S19, Seoul ZC12/18, Seoul ZC4/6
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