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PartNumber: 0218010.MXP
Производитель: Littelfuse
Фото 1/3 0218010.MXP, Предохранитель плавкий
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70 руб.
15 шт. со склада г.Москва,
срок 3 рабочих дня
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Glass cartridge fuses are ideal for providing protection to devices or internal circuits from short circuits and overcurrent. They are deliberately weaker components which, when too much current is drawn, will blow. Once the fuse has blown it will need replacing in order to make the circuit complete and allow the flow of current.

Glass cartridge
5 x 20 mm cartridge size
T Speed Rating
Low Breaking Capacity

Typical applications:
Cartridge fuses are a relatively cheap way of protecting electrical equipment from short circuits and overcurrent and can be used to protect electrical appliances such as motors air-conditions, refrigerator, pumps etc. They can be found in the following areas:

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