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SI4431-B1-FM, +13 dBm Sub-GHz Transmitter

Ном. номер: 8001011849
PartNumber: SI4431-B1-FM
Производитель: Silicon Laboratories
SI4431-B1-FM, +13 dBm Sub-GHz Transmitter
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The SI4431-B1-FM is a highly integrated single-chip Wireless ISM Transceiver with the extremely low receive sensitivity (-121dBm) coupled with industry leading 20dBm output power ensures extended range and improved link performance. Built-in antenna diversity and support for frequency hopping can be used to further extend range and enhance performance. It offers advanced radio features including continuous frequency coverage from 240 to 960MHz in 156 or 312Hz steps allowing precise tuning control. The digital receive architecture features a high-performance ADC and DSP based modem which performs demodulation, filtering and packet handling for increased flexibility and performance. The direct digital transmit modulation and automatic PA power ramping ensure precise transmit modulation and reduced spectral spreading ensuring compliance with global regulations including FCC, ETSI, ARIB and 802.15.4d regulations.

• Low power consumption
• FSK, GFSK and OOK modulation
• Ultra low power shutdown mode
• Digital RSSI
• Wake-up timer
• Auto frequency calibration (AFC)
• Power ON-reset (POR)
• Antenna diversity and TR switch control
• Configurable packet handler
• Preamble detector
• Low battery detector
• Integrated voltage regulator
• Frequency hopping capability
• On-chip crystal tuning
• Low BOM

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Datasheet SI4431-B1-FM

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