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CPT112S-A02-GU, Capacitive Touch Screen 24-Pin QSOP

Ном. номер: 8001319015
PartNumber: CPT112S-A02-GU
Производитель: Silicon Laboratories
CPT112S-A02-GU, Capacitive Touch Screen 24-Pin QSOP
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119 руб.
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Capacitive Touch Sensor ICs, Silicon Labs
The Silicon Labs TouchXpress family of <B>capacitive touch controllers</B> makes switching from traditional buttons to capacitive touch buttons as simple as possible. Although capacitive sense requires complex technology these devices are not complicated to use or adapt to your needs. Using Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio you can easily configure the device to your requirements. It also provides real time profiling to aid rapid development. Integrate capacitive sense buttons and slider by interfacing into an I²C interface.<BR/><BR/>These devices continuously monitor the touch pads enabling the main processor to remain in sleep mode for longer to reduce overall power consumption. <B>Low-power</B> usage and a <B>small form factor</B> make them ideal for modern, portable designs. Available in 20-pin QFN packages and measure just 3 x 3 mm.<BR/><BR/>The CPT007B has 7 capacitive sensor inputs (RS <a href="/productpage/productpage?stockcode=915-8811"><span class="inlineLink">915-8811</span></a>) and can be tested with the Silicon Labs SLEXP8007A Evaluation Board (RS <a href="/productpage/productpage?stockcode=914-0031"><span class="inlineLink">914-0031</span></a>)<BR/><BR/>The CPT112S has 12 capacitive sensor inputs (RS <a href="/productpage/productpage?stockcode=915-8814"><span class="inlineLink">915-8814</span></a>) and can be tested with the Silicon Labs SLEXP8008A Evaluation Board (RS <a href="/productpage/productpage?stockcode=914-0040"><span class="inlineLink">914-0040</span></a>)

Технические параметры

Максимальная рабочая температура
+85 °C
Минимальное рабочее напряжение питания
1.8 V
Silicon Labs
Тип корпуса
Тип монтажа
Surface Mount
Минимальная рабочая температура
-40 °C
Максимальное рабочее напряжение питания
3.6 V
Число контактов
3 x 3 x 0.55мм

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