PIC16F1508-I/ML, MCU 8-bit PIC RISC 7KB Flash 3.3V/5V Automotive 20-Pin QFN EP Tube

PIC16F1508-I/ML, MCU 8-bit PIC RISC 7KB Flash 3.3V/5V Automotive 20-Pin QFN EP Tube
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Ном. номер: 8001354628
Артикул: PIC16F1508-I/ML
Производитель: Microchip Technology
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PIC16F1508/1509 8-Bit Flash Microcontrollers
The PIC16F range of Microcontrollers from Microchip are 8-bit MCUs that incorporate Microchip's PIC® architecture into a variety of pin and package options, from space efficient 14-pin devices to feature-rich 64-pin devices. Devices with Baseline, Mid-Range or Enhanced Mid-Range architecture are available with numerous different peripheral combinations, giving designers flexibility and choice for their applications.

The PIC16F1508/1509 family of microcontrollers is based upon Microchip's enhanced mid-range core with a 16 level deep hardware stack and 49 instructions. These MCUs provide up to 5 MIPS, up to 14 Kbytes program memory with data memory of up to 512 bytes RAM. On board is a configurable oscillator with ±1% accuracy.

Технические параметры

Maximum Operating Temperature +85 °C
PWM Resolution 10bit
ADC Resolution 10bit
Pulse Width Modulation 4(10 bit)
Number of ADC Units 1
Number of UART Channels 0
Instruction Set Architecture RISC
ADCs 12 x 10 bit
Package Type QFN
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Data Bus Width 8bit
Number of PCI Channels 0
Width 4mm
Maximum Number of Ethernet Channels 0
Number of PWM Units 4
Height 0.95mm
Number of USART Channels 1
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 0.95mm
Number of Ethernet Channels 0
Timer Resolution 8 bit, 16 bit
Number of LIN Channels 1
Program Memory Type Flash
Program Memory Size 4096 words
Length 4mm
Device Core PIC
Brand Microchip
ADC Channels 12
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 °C
Family Name PIC16F
USB Channels 0
RAM Size 256 B
Timers 1 x 16 bit, 2 x 8 bit
Number of CAN Channels 0
Pin Count 20
Number of Timers 3
Number of I2C Channels 1
Number of SPI Channels 1
Maximum Frequency 20MHz
Typical Operating Supply Voltage 2.3 → 5.5 V

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