TREX controller, (RS0036)

Ном. номер: 8001775815
Артикул: RS0036
Производитель: Arexx
Фото 1/5 TREX controller, (RS0036)
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TREX controller

The T'REX robot controller makes controlling robots easy!

The Arduino compatible controller comes pre-programmed with sample code that lets you control it with a supplied Android app, Radio Control or with an external controller via IIC.


Wide voltage range from 6V to 30V.

High current power switching FET (110A) allows low current power switches to be used.

Switch mode regulator with 6V @ 3A output for servos.

ATmega328P MCU using Arduino Nano w/ 328 bootloader.

5V regulator can deliver in excess of 2A for powering external controllers such as the Raspberry Pi, Beagle bone etc.

IIC interface with voltage translation can work with external logic from 1.5V to 5V.

Can be programmed via USB, FTDI interface or ISP socket.

Socket for optional Bluetooth module.

Dual FET "H" bridge with electronic braking rated for stall currents up to 40A per motor.

PTC self resetting fuses for each motor.

4x servo outputs with 6V power in high voltage mode or direct from battery in low voltage - mode.

2x servo headers at 5V that can also be used for RC inputs or encoders.

3-axis accelerometer (±1.5G or ±6G sensitivity) for impact detection, angle and acceleration measurements

The supplied sample code automatically detects the method of control (RC, Bluetooth or I²C) on power up. Bluetooth and RC methods offer quick, easy methods of testing your robot chassis.The I²C mode offers complete control of all function using only 2 I/O pins making it a perfect choice for interfacing 32bit controllers such as the Raspberry Pi to your robot.

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