USB2.0 HUB extension module, (LC-USB-HUB)

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Артикул: LC-USB-HUB
Производитель: LC Technology (Shenzhen)
Фото 1/2 USB2.0 HUB extension module, (LC-USB-HUB)
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Фото 2/2 USB2.0 HUB extension module, (LC-USB-HUB)
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USB HUB USB2.0 HUB extension module [SKU: LC-USB-HUB] Product Description: USB HUB is a kind of a USB interface can be extended to multiple (usually 4), and can make the interface device used at the same time. Hub is everybody often say concentrator, it uses the star topology connection multiple USB interface equipment.The USB HUB based on GL850G chip provide four USB interfaces to extend, GL850G with low-power, low temperature, and pin count to reduce etc product features, and thus get the favour of developers.USB HUB can connect the computer desk lamp, a computer fan, MP3, U disk, voice recorder, digital camera, etc. Functional features Using the second generation of USB HUB controller Directly connected to the computer, no need connect the external power supply, simple to use Automatic identification of computer installation, no need the driver, plug and play Built-in current overload short circuit protection Support USB2.0, the speed up to 480 Mbps, compatible with USB1.1 downward The system supports Win95/98/Me/2000/XP, Linux2.4andMac os8.5 or above version Technical parameters Module working voltage: DC 5V Four USB extension interface can work at the same time, a single work of each interface maximum output current 500 mA, can provide USB lighting and related work of USB equipment. Size: 50.5(mm)*56.5(mm) Operating instructions The module with USB - M - A USB - A RP-SMA Male insert the computer, the system automatically identify drive, the computer will prompt, show that inserted successfully.status The status of board indicators from on to off, then flash, and put out again shows that module can be used.The device with USB - A RP-SMA Male directly insert module extension for four USB interface, can be used.Such as mouse, keyboard, etc. Matters needing attention This module based on USB 2.0/1.1 specification; development, under USB 2.0 can be fully compatible with use; Used in USB 3.0 or later versions may damage your device, in the large current mobile hard disk please be careful when using; When the mobile hard disk power supply by USB, the working current of 0.5 A - 1 A; The current is too large for the USB power supply demand is high, the USB HUB no external power supply, it is to borrow motherboard USB 5 v power supply, so it may power supply shortages and cause damage to mobile hard disk, and the transmission rate will decline, affect the normal use.So, we suggest that the put mobile hard disk inserted directly to the motherboard.

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