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OLED дисплеи

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WEO009616A is a 0.84 inch Graphic passive matrix OLED display module which is made of 96x16 dots. This 0.84" WEO009616A has the module dimension of 29.1× 9.2 × 1.45 mm and Active Area size 21.104×3.504 mm. WEO009616A is built in with SSD1306BZ IC, it supports I2C interface, 3V power supply. The WEO009616A is a COG structure OLED display which is ultra thin and no need of backlight (self emitting); it's lightweight and low power consumption. This 0.84 inch small sized OLED display is suitable for wearable device, E-cigarette, MP3, personal care appliance, portable device, voice recorder pen, health device, etc. The standard emitting colors for WEO009616A are available in white and ye3llow, option for sky blue (might have MOQ). WEO009616A module can be operating at temperatures from -40 to +80; its storage temperatures range from -40 to +80. Below is the basic specification of WEO009616A as reference. WEO009616AW: White WEO009616AL: Yellow WEO009616AS: Sky Blue (might have MOQ)
Диагональ видимой части 840 м", Тип дисплея OLED, Режим графический, Разрешение 96×16, Цвет отображения информации жёлтый, Особенности COG, Напряжение питания, min 2.8 В, Напряжение питания, max 3.2 В, Рабочая температура -40 °C, Рабочая температура 80 °C, Оптимальный угол обзора 160

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