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Molex 1.00 mm ZIF SMT FPC Connectors - 52207, 52271 and 52610 Series
Easy On 52207, 52271 and 52610 series ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) SMT mount FPC connectors with a 1.00 mm pitch and a space saving design making them ideal for use in tight packaging applications. These Easy On FPC connectors feature a slide type actuator which provides a secure connection between the FPC and the connector terminals. The actuator of the 52271 series rotates 30° to allow easier FPC insertion. The connector contacts move with the cable when it is pulled up or down providing a secure contact retention force and ensuring an electrical contact is maintained. Solder tabs (or nails) on the base of the right angle mounting FPC connectors provide secure PCB retention and strain relief for the solder tail joints.
52207 series FPC connectors are right angle mount with top contacts
52271 series FPC connectors are right angle mount with bottom contacts
52610 series FPC connectors are vertical mount with contacts on one side

Технические параметры

Voltage Rating
125 V
Contact Material
Phosphor Bronze
Minimum Operating Temperature
Maximum Operating Temperature
Housing Material
Phosphor Bronze
Contact Plating
Termination Method
Current Rating
Termination Type
ZIF Top Contact
Mounting Type
Surface Mount
Number Of Contacts
Series Number
Number Of Rows
Body Orientation
Right Angle
Вес, г

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