Коробка клеммная 200x300x120 IP66 цельнометаллическая

Ном. номер: 8001814311
PartNumber: NSYSBM203012
Производитель: Schneider Electric
Коробка клеммная 200x300x120 IP66 цельнометаллическая
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Spacial SBM Industrial Boxes
The Spacial SBM steel enclosures from Schneider Electric are available in three versions and are designed for use in industrial machine and building applications.
The wall mounting enclosures have a single piece rectangular body with folded gutters in the front and 2 (or 3*) drilled profiles for installing mounting plates and DIN rails in the rear, fixing centres of 12.5 mm.
The enclosure cover is equipped with a polyurethane sealing gasket and 2, 3, 4 or 6 half-turn threaded screws, depending on the version (**). An M6 x 16 earth stud is welded in the cover to provide equipotential connection with the body.

(*) 3 profiles for width 800 mm, (**) 2 for Bus box (3 screws for width greater than 400 mm), 4 for Flat and Entry boxes (6 screws for width greater than 400 mm).

Технические параметры

RAL Code
RAL 7035
IP Rating
Body Material
Schneider Electric
External Depth
Chassis Plate
External Height
200 mm
External Mounting Type
External Width
300 mm
Internal Mounting Type
Gland Plate
Spacial SBM
Transparent Door
Fixing Kit

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