Ном. номер: 8001837150
PartNumber: FH12-50S0.5SVA[54]
Производитель: Hirose Electric
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The FH12-50S-0.5SV(55) is a 50-position 1-row 0.5mm female FPC/FFC Receptacle with beige polyamide and dark brown PPS insulator, gold plated phosphor bronze contacts and tin plated metal fitting. The FH12 series socket/connector with vertical FPC-FFC insertion direction/actuator position/contact orientation and SMT vertical mounting type. The one-touch rotating ZIF mechanism is easier to operate and works with a light force. A clear tactile click is delivered upon the successful completion of the mating process. The FH12's one-touch ZIF system requires less space than a slide locking connector and can be mounted in the centre of the PCB. The FH12S version in 30, 40, 45, 50 and 53 pin counts are offered with a reinforced actuator that provides an extra measure of security against actuator breakage.

• Rotating one-touch ZIF mechanism
• Clear tactile click
• Supports high density mounting
• Reinforced actuator
• 0.5A Rated current
• 50VAC/DC Rated voltage
• 50mR Maximum contact resistance
• 500MR Minimum insulation resistance
• 150VAC for one minute Withstanding voltage
• 20 Mating/unmating cycles

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Datasheet FH12-50S0.5SVA[54]
Чертеж FH12-50S0.5SVA[54]

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