UCC28950PW, Контроллер импульсного преобразователя напряжения

UCC28950PW, Контроллер импульсного преобразователя напряжения
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Ном. номер: 8001850797
Артикул: UCC28950PW
Производитель: Texas Instruments
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The UCC28950PW is a Green Phase-shifted Full-bridge Controller with synchronous rectification. It implements advanced control of the full-bridge along with active control of the synchronous rectifier output stage. The primary-side signals allow programmable delays to ensure ZVS operation over wide-load current and input voltage range, while the load current naturally tunes the secondary-side synchronous rectifiers switching delays, maximizing overall system efficiency. The UCC28950 also offers multiple light-load management features including burst mode and dynamic SR on/off control when transitioning in and out of Discontinuous Current Mode (DCM) operation, ensuring ZVS operation is extended down to much lighter loads. This includes support for peak current along with voltage mode control, programmable switching frequency up to 1MHz and a wide set of protection features including cycle-by-cycle current limit, UVLO and thermal shutdown.

• Enhanced wide range resonant zero voltage switching (ZVS) capability
• Direct synchronous rectifier (SR) control
• Light-load efficiency management
• Average or peak current mode control with programmable slope compensation and voltage mode control
• Naturally Handles pre-biased start up with DCM mode
• Closed loop soft start and enable function
• Programmable Switching frequency up to 1MHz with bi-directional synchronization
• (±3%) Cycle-by-cycle current limit protection with hiccup mode support
• 150µA Start-up current
• VDD under-voltage lockout
• Green product and no Sb/Br

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