Ном. номер: 8001852220
Производитель: AVX
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Конденсаторы керамические

кол-во в упаковке: 2000, корпус: SMD080520X125MM

The 08053C105JAT2A is a Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor with Ni/Sn-plated termination, X7R dielectric and 0805 case. X7R formulations are called temperature stable ceramics and fall into EIA class II materials. X7R is the most popular of this intermediate dielectric constant material. This capacitance change is non-linear. Capacitance for X7R varies under the influence of electrical operating conditions such as voltage and frequency. X7R dielectric chip usage covers the broad spectrum of industrial applications where known changes in capacitance due to applied voltages are acceptable.

• Reflow/wave soldering
• No remote filter requirements - Zero voltage switching control
• Wire protective screw fixing terminal block connections

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Datasheet 08053C105JAT2A

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