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734-102, Conn Terminal Block F 2 POS 3.5mm ST Cable Mount 10A Box

Ном. номер: 8002350761
PartNumber: 734-102
Производитель: Wago
734-102, Conn Terminal Block F 2 POS 3.5mm ST Cable Mount 10A Box
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The 734-102 from Wago is a light gray colour, 2-pole female connector with 3.5mm (0.138inch) pin spacing. It is 100% protected against mismating, only mating halves with the same pole number can be connected together. This connector features strain relief plates and housings for in-the-field assembly. It has two connection points, two potentials and one level. It also has chrome-nickel spring steel (CrNi) lamping spring material, tin plated copper alloy contacts and polyamide 66 (PA 66) insulation. The connector has ABS, BV, CCA, CSA, DNV GL, KEMA, UR E45171 (Underwriters Laboratories Inc) and LR approvals. It has 0.03MJ fire load, 1.725g weight and 9.2mm (0.362inch) x 13.4mm (0.528inch) x 18.6mm (0.732inch) dimension (W x H x D).

• Universal connection for all conductor types, codable
• Easy cable pre-assembly and on-unit wiring via vertical and horizontal CAGE CLAMP actuation
• Ratings per IEC/EN 60664-1 standards and flammability class per UL94 V0
• Robust housing, shock and vibration resistant
• Rated impulse voltage of 2.5KV (III/3), 2.5KV (III/2) and 2.5KV (II/2)
• Rated voltage of 160V (III/2), 320V (II /2) and rated current of 10A
• 0.08mm² to 1.5mm² (28AWG to 14AWG) solid conductors (tool operated termination)
• 0.08mm² to 1.5mm² (28AWG to 14AWG) fine stranded (tool operated termination)
• 0.25mm² to 1.5mm² fine stranded conductors with insulated ferrule and uninsulated ferrule
• Strip length from 6mm to 7mm (0.24inch to 0.28inch) & limit temperature range from -60°C to 100°C

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Datasheet 734-102
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