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2028281506, Conn Board to Board HDR 404 POS 0.9mm Solder ST Top Entry SMD T/R

Ном. номер: 8002350771
PartNumber: 2028281506
Производитель: Molex
2028281506, Conn Board to Board HDR 404 POS 0.9mm Solder ST Top Entry SMD T/R
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This Hermaphroditic Mirror Mezz connector lowers application costs with stackable mating to support data speeds up to 56 Gbps per differential pair for telecommunications, networking and other applications. Self or cross-mating of this hermaphroditic connector enables easy achievement of the desired mated height to meet application requirements - when mated in combinations, a 2.50mm and 5.50mm height connector can achieve three stack heights of 11.00, 8.00 and 5.00mm

• The stitched BGA design offers more cost savings than insert-molded BGA attachments
• The two electrically tuned signal contacts cleanly transmit high-speed signals for maximum signal integrity
• Wider ground pins balance the electrical field and shield the differential pair from surrounding transmission lines
• Robust shrouded housing design encapsulates the pin field, protecting the pins and offering blind-mate guidance to eliminate any possibility of mis-mating
• Intricately designed terminal structure

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Datasheet 2028281506

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