LF398AN/NOPB, Sample and Hold 1-CH 25us 8-Pin PDIP Tube

LF398AN/NOPB, Sample and Hold 1-CH 25us 8-Pin PDIP Tube
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Ном. номер: 8003323084
Артикул: LF398AN/NOPB
Производитель: Texas Instruments
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Semiconductor - IC > Linear > Data Acquisition - S & H

The LF398AN/NOPB is a monolithic Sample-and-Hold Circuit for use with synchronous correlators. The monolithic sample-and-hold circuit use BI-FET technology to obtain ultrahigh DC accuracy with fast acquisition of signal and low droop rate. Operating as unity-gain follower, DC gain accuracy is 0.002% typical and acquisition time is as low as 6µs to 0.01%. A bipolar input stage is used to achieve low offset voltage and wide bandwidth. Input offset adjust is accomplished with a single pin and does not degrade input offset drift. The wide bandwidth allows the LF198-N to be included inside the feedback loop of 1MHz operational amplifiers without having stability problems. P-channel junction FETs are combined with bipolar devices in the output amplifier to give droop rates as low as 5mV/minute with a 1µF hold capacitor.

• Logic input compatible with TTL, PMOS and CMOS
• Low input offset
• Low output noise in hold mode
• High supply rejection ratio in sample or hold
• Wide bandwidth
• 0.1nA Maximum input bias current
• 0.002% Gain accuracy
• 0.5mV Typical hold step at Ch=0.01µF
• Green product and no Sb/Br

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