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The SIP32402ADNP-T1GE4 is a slew rate controlled Load Switch designed for 1.1 to 5.5V operation. The device guarantees low switch on-resistance at 1.2V input. They feature a controlled soft-on slew rate of typical 2.5ms that limits the inrush current for designs of heavy capacitive load and minimizes the resulting voltage droop at the power rails. This device feature low voltage control logic interface (On/Off interface) that can interface with low voltage control signal without extra level shifting circuit. SiP32401A has exceptionally low shutdown current and provide reverse blocking to prevent high current flowing into the power source.

• 62mR Typical from 2 to 5V
• Reverse current blocking when switch is off

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Datasheet SIP32402ADNP-T1GE4

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