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Ном. номер: 8003570215
Производитель: Texas Instruments
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The SN65LVDS1DBVR is a single low-voltage differential Line Driver and Receiver for use with telecom infrastructure and printers. The outputs comply with the TIA/EIA-644 standard and provide a minimum differential output voltage magnitude of 247mV into a 100R load at signaling rates up to 630Mbps for drivers and 400Mbps for receivers. When the SN65LVDS1 device is used with an LVDS receiver (such as the SN65LVDT2) in a point-to-point connection, data or clocking signals can be transmitted over printed-circuit board traces or cables at very high rates with very low electromagnetic emissions and power consumption. The low power, low EMI, high ESD tolerance and wide supply voltage range make the device ideal for battery-powered applications.

• Bus-terminal ESD exceeds 9kV
• Low-voltage differential signaling with typical output voltages of 350mV into a 100R load
• Propagation delay times - 1.7ns Typical drive and 2.5ns typical receiver
• Power dissipation at 200MHz - 25mW Typical driver and 60mW typical receiver
• LVDT receiver includes line termination
• Low voltage TTL (LVTTL) level driver input is 5V tolerant
• Driver is output high-impedance with VCC <1.5V
• Receiver output and inputs are high-impedance with VCC <1.5V
• Receiver open-circuit fail safe
• Differential input voltage threshold less than 100mV

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