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The WR06 series resistors from Walsin are general purpose thick film chip resistors. These resistors are constructed in a high grade ceramic body (aluminium oxide). The WR06 series resistors are used in consumer electrical equipments, EDP, computer applications and telecom applications.

• Resistance range includes E24 and E96 decade values from 1ohm to 10Mohm
• EIA 0603 case size
• Available in <=±100ppm/°C and -200ppm/°C to +400ppm/°C TCR values
• Available in ±1% and ±5% tolerance
• High reliability and stability
• Higher component and equipment reliability
• Lower assembly costs
• Reduced size of final equipment
• Maximum operation voltage is 75V and rated power is 100mW
• Jumpers are also available

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Datasheet WR06X2801FTL

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