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Бренд / Производитель: Analog Devices


AD8400 is a single channel, digital potentiometer. This device perform the same electronic adjustment function as a mechanical potentiometer or variable resistor. Each part contains a fixed resistor with a wiper contact that taps the fixed resistor value at a point determined by the digital code loaded into the controlling serial input register. The resistance between the wiper and either endpoint of the fixed resistor varies linearly with respect to the digital code transferred into the VR latch. Each variable resistor offers a completely programmable value of resistance between the A terminal and the wiper or the B terminal and the wiper. It is widely used in application such as mechanical potentiometer replacement, programmable filters, delays, time constants, volume control, panning, line impedance matching, power supply adjustment etc.

• Power shutdown less than 5µA
• 3-wire, SPI-compatible serial data input
• 10MHz update data loading rate
• Single-supply operation is 2.7V to 5.5V
• -3dB bandwidth is 600kHz at (R = 10Kohm)
• Total harmonic distortion is 0.003% at (VA = 1V rms + 2V dc, VB = 2V dc, f = 1kHz)
• Settling time is 2µs at (VA = VDD, VB = 0V, ±1% error band)
• Resistor noise voltage is 9nV/√Hz at (RWB = 5Kohm, f = 1kHz, RS = 0)
• No of channel is 1, end to end resistance is 1Kohm
• Operating temperature is -40°C to +125°C, packaging style is 8-lead SOIC
• N

Технические параметры

Brand Analog Devices
Digital Interface SPI
Factory Pack Quantity 2500
Height 1.5 mm(Max)
Length 5 mm(Max)
Manufacturer Analog Devices Inc.
Maximum Operating Temperature +125 C
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 C
Mounting Style SMD/SMT
Number of POTs Single
Operating Supply Current 10 nA
Operating Supply Voltage 5.5 V
Package / Case SOIC-8
Packaging Reel
Product Category Digital Potentiometer ICs
Resistance 1 kOhms
RoHS Details
Series AD8400
Supply Type Single
Supply Voltage - Max 5.5 V
Supply Voltage - Min 2.7 V
Taper Linear
Taps per POT 256
Temperature Coefficient 500 PPM/C
Tolerance 20%
Width 4 mm(Max)
Wiper Memory Volatile
Допуск Сопротивления ±20%
Интерфейс Контроля 3-проводной, Последовательный, SPI
Количество Выводов 8вывод(-ов)
Количество Потенциометров Одиночный
Количество Шагов 256
Линейка Продукции -
Линейность Дорожки Линейный
Максимальная Рабочая Температура 125°C
Максимальное Напряжение Питания 5.5В
Минимальная Рабочая Температура -40°C
Минимальное Напряжение Питания 2.7В
Полное Сопротивление 1кОм
Стандарты Автомобильной Промышленности -
Стиль Корпуса Микросхемы Потенциометра NSOIC
Температурный Коэффициент 700млн-¹/°C
Уровень Чувствительности к Влажности (MSL) MSL 1-Безлимитный

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