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AD & SD Miniature Thermal Cutoff Devices

Bourns AD and SD Miniature Thermal Cutoff (TCO) devices are resettable mini-breaker devices offering advanced overtemperature protection technologies. These TCO devices use a highly-rated corrosion-resistant bimetal mechanism for better endurance in humid environments. The SD and AD TCO devices are either non-automatically resettable (self-hold function) or automatically resettable (non-self-hold function). These TCO devices feature overcurrent protection and control abnormal, excessive current virtually instantaneously, up to rated limits. The SD and AD TCO devices operate at 4mΩ maximum resistance, 55°C to 150°C trip temperature range with ±5°C tolerance. These TCO devices are ideally used in heaters, motors, battery packs, and lithium-ion batteries in PCs, tablets, smartphones, and power banks.

Технические параметры

Brand: Bourns
Contact Rating: 14 VDC/8 A, 10000 cycles
Factory Pack Quantity: Factory Pack Quantity: 4000
Manufacturer: Bourns
Maximum Breaking Current: 14 VDC/35 A, 100 cycles
Maximum Leakage Current: 300 mA
Maximum Operating Temperature: +125 C
Maximum Voltage: 28 VDC/8 A, 100 cycles
Minimum Holding Voltage: 8 V
Minimum Operating Temperature: -40 C
Product Category: Thermal Cutoffs
Product Type: Thermal Cutoffs
Product: Thermal Cutoff Devices
Rated Temperature: +55 C
Reset Temperature: +20 C
Resistance: 4 mOhms
Series: SD
Subcategory: Thermal Management

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