PartNumber: AD8675ARMZ
Ном. номер: 8045834621
Производитель: Analog Devices
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The AD8675ARMZ is a 36V Precision Rail-to-rail Output Operational Amplifier features ultralow offset, drift and voltage noise combined with very low input bias currents. The AD8675 features a rail-to-rail output like that of the OP184, but with wide bandwidth and even lower voltage noise, combined with the precision and low power consumption like that of the industry-standard OP07 amplifier. Unlike other low noise rail-to-rail op amps, this has very low input bias current and low input current noise. It is perfectly suited for applications where large error sources cannot be tolerated. For applications with even lower offset tolerances, the proprietary nulling capability allows a combination of both device and system offset errors up to 3.5mV (referred to the input) to be compensated externally. Many systems can take advantage of the low noise, DC precision and rail-to-rail output swing provided by the AD8675 to maximize SNR and dynamic range.

• 2.8nV/√Hz Noise
• Rail-to-rail output swing
• 2nA Maximum input bias current
• 75µV Maximum offset voltage
• 0.6µV/°C Maximum input offset
• 120dB Gain

2.5nV R-R out Precision BP AMP (EAR99)

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Datasheet AD8675ARMZ