PartNumber: IRF7314TRPBF
Ном. номер: 8049420373
Производитель: International Rectifier
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Dual P-Channel Power MOSFET, International Rectifier
International Rectifier's dual power MOSFETs integrate two HEXFET® devices to provide space-saving, cost-effective switching solutions in high component density designs where board space is at a premium. A variety of package options is available and designers can choose the Dual P-channel configuration.

MOSFET Transistors, International Rectifier
International Rectifier's comprehensive portfolio of rugged single- and dual- N-channel and P-channel devices offers fast switching speeds and addresses a wide variety of power requirements in applications ranging from AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies to audio and consumer electronics and from motor control to lighting and home appliances.

Транзисторы / Полевые транзисторы / Сборки MOSFET транзисторов
Корпус: SO8, инфо: MOSFET P-канал 20В/ 5.3А/2Вт/0.058 Ом Упр.лог.уровнем Сдвоенные

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IRF7314PBF Data Sheet IRF7314TRPBF
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