PartNumber: DM160225
Ном. номер: 8109853228
Производитель: Microchip
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The DM160225 is a 3DTouchPad, a PC peripheral to extend a 2D touch pad with 3D gestures. It utilizes Microchips projected capacitive PCAP sensor solutions as well as Microchips 3D Gesture Technology GESTIC. The 3DTouchPad offers multi finger tracking and surface gestures as well as free space 3D Gestures. It comes with a suite of S/W including a comprehensive SDK for Windows 7/Windows 8 allowing feature rich development of apps/drivers.

• Connects to a PC via a USB cable
• USB HID protocol for automatic installation
• State of the art 10 finger touch tracking
• 2D surface gestures and 3D free space gestures
• No driver required
• Supports all major operating systems Windows 7/8, Mac OS X etc
• Driverless HID USB connection
• Content flow control by east/west flicks (3D)
• Close application by 3D gesture (double flick)
• Full access to gesture set of GestIC Colibri suite

Sensor/Human Interface 3DTouchPad

Технические параметры

Touch Pad
Kit Contains
3DTouch Pad, USB Cable, Info sheet w/ links to Documentation, SW package, Tutorial Video

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet DM160225
DM160225 GestIC 3DTouchPad Product Introduction
DM160225 GestIC 3DTouchPad User Guide